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The pinnacle Furana Thila offers plenty of fish and invertebrates especially when currents are mild.

Name Dive Site:Furana Thila
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Furana Thila is located 300 meters north of Furana (Full Moon resort) at 45 minutes from Male'. This is a long thin thila with the reef top at 10 meters. Its eastern point faces the ocean and slopes down. With an ingoing current you can spot a lot of pelagic fish in the narrow channel. The top of the thila gets the brunt of the ocean waves meaning coral life is not as abundant but there are some big boulders scattered on the top that provide protection and here there are many fish to be seen. On the eastern part of the thila, when the current is not too strong, you can find green turtles resting or eating. During manta season the boulders are the place to wait and see them circling around. Currents at this dive site can be strong, making it more suitable for experienced divers.

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