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  1. Around Male : Male and around is where most tourists start their adventurous journey to some of the world's most stunning beaches and diving sites.
    1. Back Faru : Back Faru is diving with tuna, sharks, but also lots of juvenile fish hiding in the shallow corals.
    2. Banana Reef : Banana Reef is a 300 meter long protected reef in the form of a banana making an excellent dive.
    3. Dragon's Mouth : Colorful caves, huge fan corals and many reef fish are the highlights while diving at dive site Dragon's Mouth.
    4. Feydhoo Finolhu : Feydhoo Finolhu is a small island with a wicked house reef perfect for snorkeling and diving.
    5. Furana South : Furana South is diving at a brilliant reef with cavern and cave just south of Furanafushi.
    6. Furana Thila : The pinnacle Furana Thila offers plenty of fish and invertebrates especially when currents are mild.
    7. Galhu Falhu : Galhu Falhu is a small lagoon ringed with a nice coral reef and an enormous amount of fish.
    8. Kikki Reef : Dive site Kikki Reef is a great cave with overhang and most of the common marine species.
    9. Kuda Haa : Kuda Haa is a pretty dive site which consists out of two pinnacles offering protection for many smaller marine fish.
    10. Lankan Caves : Near Manta Point you can also find the well decorated Lankan Caves.
    11. Lion's Head : Lion's Head is named after a large underwater overhang which looks like the head of a huge lion.
    12. Maagiri Caves : Maagiri Caves is one of the few cave dives around Male with many glass fish and resting nurse sharks.
    13. Maldive Victory Wreck : The MV Maldive Victory Wreck lies southwest of Male's International airport and makes a super wreck dive.
    14. Manta Point : Manta point is the place to be for dives with the gracious and huge manta rays.
    15. Nassimo Thila, Paradise Rock : Paradise Rock is that part of a broken reef that has revealed several boulders unprotected in the currents.
    16. Okobe Thila, Barracuda Giri : Okobe Thila is a popular and colorful dive with a lot of large friendly Napoleon fish that greet you.
    17. Old Shark Point : The Old Shark Point is still one of the best places to spot sharks and other pelagic hunting on smaller prey while hovering in the currents.
    18. Pudel's Place : Dive site Pudel's Place is diving in deep waters with a nice cave overgrown in soft corals.
    19. Sepp's Place : Sepp's Place is a shallow dive site situated in a sandy area with rays and black corals.
    20. Sunlite Thila : Sunlite Thila is a wicked twenty meter high pinnacle which is swarmed with fish and covered in coral.
    1. Helengeli's House Reef : Helengeli's House Reef is a great healthy dive site situated near the outside reef in nutrient rich waters.
    1. Bolifushi Wreck :
    2. Emboodhu Finolhu : Emboodhu Finolhu is a small island 10km south of Male known for its nice resorts and excellent white beaches.
      1. Emboodhu Channel : The Emboodhu Channel is the little sister of the more famous Emboodhu Express.
      2. Emboodhu Corner : Emboodhu Corner is one of the richest and most diverse walls in the Maldives.
      3. Emboodhu Express : The Emboodhu Express is a fast drift dive next to a wicked wall and often accompanied by sharks and other pelagic.
      4. Emboodhu Outside : The outside western reef can offer unexpected surprises such as mantas and whale sharks.
      5. Emboodhu Thila : The popularity of Emboodhu Express is the reason that hardly anybody visits the untouched pinnacles at Emboodhu Thila.
    3. Fusilier Reef : Yellow and blue groups of fusilier are the main attraction at dive site Fusilier Reef.
    4. Gulhi, Dhigufinolhu : Gulhi Island is a famous resort islands with spectacular diving and dive sites around its base.
      1. Digu Thila : You can find caves and overhangs while diving on the northern side of the huge Digu Thila.
      2. Gulhi Beyru : Gulhi Beyru is a diverse dive site with caves, all the fish life you can wish for and action inside its channel.
      3. Gulhi Channel : Gulhi Channel can be found in between the small island Gulhi and the enormous reef system north of it.
      4. Gulhi Outside : Gulhi Outside is like any other outer atoll dive site; one with currents, pelagic and drift possibilities.
      5. Lemon Reef : Lemon Reef is a small reef with some excellent caves and overhangs filled with fish.
      6. Maafushi Caves : Maafushi Cave is a huge overhang dropping through the reef to 20 meters deep.
      7. Manta Point : A cleaning station in the channel between Gulhi and Dhigufinolhu attracts tens of mantas between June and October.
      8. Potato Reef : While scuba diving Potato Reef you will see fish, colorful corals, caves, canyons and wicked slopes.
    5. Guraidhoo : Guraidhoo is the largest village in South Male Atoll and a popular overnight anchorage for liveaboards and safari dive boats.
      1. Cocoa Corner : Cocoa Corner is a popular drift dive inside a wicked ocean side channel from the Cocoa Beach resort, hence its name.
      2. Guraidhoo Channel : The entire Guraidhoo Kandu is long wicked drift diving with sharks, rays and many other species of fish.
      3. Kandooma Caves : The Kandooma Caves are some of the best and biggest caves in the Maldives and great to dive.
      4. Kandooma Thila : Kandooma Thila is a wicked pinnacle just north of Guraidhoo and often dived by local dive boats and liveaboards.
      5. Medhu Faru : Medhu Faru is drift diving around a very prolific corner right into the Guraidhoo Channel.
    6. Turtle Reef : Turtle Reef is a very shallow dive with excellent sightings of turtles and coral reef fish.
    7. Vaadhoo : Vaadhoo is a small islands south of Male and across the channel that is a popular destination for divers around the world.
      1. Canyon : Vaadhoo Canyon is a huge opening in the reef creating a very interesting and steep canyon.
      2. Cathedral : Wall diving at dive site Cathedral is great fun with plenty of action and marine life.
      3. Caves : Soft corals, sea fans in all colors decorate the entrances of the caves and caverns at Vaadhoo Caves.
      4. Channel : The narrow Wadoo Channel is a thrilling experience often with sharks and beautiful critter life.
      5. Coral Garden : At Vaadhoo Coral Garden you will find plenty of marine life, excellent macro opportunities and shallow bright waters.
      6. Mystery Caves : The Mystery Caves are always a treat for divers since you never know what you will find.
      7. Turtle Point : Turtle Point is a very interesting and colorful dive site with plenty of sea-turtles and small critters.
      8. Wall : The steep drop-off at dive site the Wall is a great drift dive with many marine fish.
    8. Velassaru Caves : South of Vaadhoo Kando, north of the island Velassaru are some excellent caves named Velassaru Caves.
    9. Wari Giri : Wari Giri is an easy dive well known for muck diving and macro photography.
    1. Bodufinolhu Thila : The pinnacle Bodufinolhu Thila is another very nice pinnacle with many inhabitants.
    2. Dhigurashu Kandu : Dhigurashu Kandu is a five km wide channel famous for diving on its many pinnacles and spotting whale sharks and mantas.
      1. Broken Rock Thila : Broken Rock is one of the best diving sites in Ari Atoll full with fish and corals.
      2. Faana Thila : Dive site Faana Thila is one of the steep pinnacles situated in the 5km wide Dhigurah Channel.
      3. Five Rocks : Five Rocks is diving on five originally connected pinnacles which have been broken during the ages.
      4. Kudarah Thila : Kudarah Thila is a huge thila which makes a beautiful single dive all around the pinnacle.
    3. Kudhimaa Wreck : Eastern side of Machafushi, North Ari Atoll, Maldives
    4. Maamigili : Maamigili is one of the populated areas in the south of Ari Atoll.
      1. Kahambu Corner : Kahambu Corner is named after the turtles that often feed on the shallow parts of this reef.
      2. Mamigili Beyru : Maamigili Beyru lies on the sloping outside reef where often mantas and many pelagic are spotted.
    5. Maaniyamas Thila : Maaniya mas Thila is a 30 meter tall pinnacle located in calm waters with ideal conditions for beginning divers.
    6. Machafushi Wreck : Machafushi Wreck is an upright wreck with encrusted sponges and plenty of fish living around the wreck.
    7. Manta Point : The cleaning stations for mantas can be found at Manta Point in the center west side of Ari Atoll.
    8. Rasdhoo Atoll : Rasdhoo Atoll is a popular but still remote atoll perfect for some of the best scuba diving in the Maldives.
      1. Hammerhead Point, Big Blue : Dive site Big Blue or Hammerhead Point is where you go diving to find sharks, in especially hammerheads.
      2. Kuramathi Thila : A set of small pinnacles has made Kuramathi Thila a very popular dive site in the channel near Kuramathi.
      3. Madivaru Beyru : Madivaru Beyru is a great drift dive drop-off with often sightings of sharks.
      4. Madivaru Corner : Overhangs, caverns and fish are the attractions while diving at Madivaru Corner.
    1. British Loyalty : The British Loyalty wreck is one of the most famous wrecks in the Maldives and certainly while diving Addu Atol or Seenu.