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Wall diving at dive site Cathedral is great fun with plenty of action and marine life.

Name Dive Site:Emboodhu Cathedral, Vaadhoo Cathedral
Depth: 3-35m (9-114ft)
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Vaadhoo Cathedral or Emboodhu Cathedral is located at the northern reef of Male's South Atoll to the east, reached at 45 minutes sailing from Male'. This dive is a dive for novice as well as experienced divers. The reef is a vertical wall which starts at 3 meters and falls down to about 35 meters. The name Cathedral comes from the huge overhang that extends into the reef like a celestial dome, densely grown with sponges and soft corals.

Within the overhang in the reef, are two smaller niches where large lion fish and moray eels live, large tiger cowry shells are often seen here as well. The walls at shallower depths have many small crevices full with life. Keep looking into the deep as large fish might swim by. This is a very colorful dive with lots of marine life.

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Name: diverland

As the name implies we find a huge overhang on the outside reef making us think of a big cathedral. The decorative cover such as yellow sponges hanging down from the ceiling gives us the impression they are created by a sculptor. Also the forms and especially the light-atmosphere contribute substantially to remind us of a Gothic church.

After our visit in the church we drift along the reef exploring smaller washouts and caves. The reef here offers a lot of small hiding-places, nice and colorful corals and sometimes sharks and other bigger blue water creatures. Cave diving at its finest!

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