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Vaadhoo Canyon is a huge opening in the reef creating a very interesting and steep canyon.

Name Dive Site:Emboodhu Canyon, Vaadhoo Canyon
Depth: 5-30m (16-98ft)
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Emboodhu Canyon or Vaadhoo Canyon sits in the middle of the northern reef of Male South Atoll. This is a magnificent dive with imposing topography, fish life and corals. A large boulder, the size of an apartment block stands apart from the reef forming a canyon about 100 meters long, 13 meters deep and about 15 meters wide. Many different species of fish can be seen here, notably large schools of sweet lips and red snappers, napoleon wrasse, thousand of anthias and huge groupers hiding among the rocks. The corals on the outer side of the canyon are magnificent. Further along from the canyon the reef becomes a vertical wall with lobsters, eels and shrimp amid the colorful coral coverage. White tip reef sharks are often seen cruising in the current.

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Name: diverland

One of the most impressive underwater landscapes is the "Canyon" - an inlet at the reef giving home to countless animals. In former days a part of the reef broke off and built a huge block next to the outside reef. Swimming through the Canyon offers a view into the underwater variety here in the Maldives. A lot of small caves and overhangs to explore and a look up to the surface makes your diving heart laugh - the sunbeam is reflected at all the edges and corners and lightens the Canyon itself - don't forget your u/w camera!

This dive site also provides us with blue water animals: just after the Canyon at a coral block at about 30m depth sometimes grey-reef sharks are playing or big napoleons are crossing our way. A dive-site famous all over the Maldives, a highlight to remember.

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