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The Emboodhu Express is a fast drift dive next to a wicked wall and often accompanied by sharks and other pelagic.

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The Emboodhu Express, often written as Embudhoo Express, is located in the southern channel of Emboodhu Finolhu about 1hr 10 minutes sailing from Male'. Emboodhu Express is named for its famous currents which can be up to 5 knots that attract large pelagics such as sharks and rays. The whole channel is a marine protected area. The southern corner is the shark point.

This dive is ideal for advanced divers as the sharks are more likely encountered at greater depths. The dive starts outside the channel: go down to about 15 meters and follow the reef on the right shoulder until you reach the corner, then descend to the channel bottom. If the current is running, there is no need to go too far into the channel: stay at about 30 meters and wait; the sharks will come closer and closer. White tip reef shark and grey reef shark are the most common. An occasional hammerhead might cruise by as well as eagle rays, sting rays, Napoleon, groupers and barracudas. Watch you dive time and air consumption.

After ten to twenty minutes, return to the reef and drift into the channel with the reef on the right shoulder. The reef has crevices and small overhangs; among the coral blocks you can find lobsters and the oriental sweet lips. About 200 meters into the channel at 12 meters depth there is a hole in the reef where you can swim through into a large overhang filled with black coral. This is the ideal place to finish your dive and do a safety stop protected from the current.

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Name: diverland

Just around the corner close to Embudu the experienced diver can expect a deep and short action-drift-dive. Descending directly at the edge of the reef we dive diagonal to the current into the middle of the channel where we hold on at the drop off at a depth of about 36m. As an exception to the rule the reef isn't very beautiful there. but in front out in the blue-water we get a collection of big-fish playing with the current; impressive and thrilling in a way you are often not able to realize what really has happened till you're back on the boat.

What a diver dreams of his whole dive-life through can become reality down at the Embudu Express: eagle-rays in formation (up to 20 and maybe more, huge stingrays, schools of jack fish and barracudas, big groupers and of course a countless number of sharks. To see all these sharks playing with the current is simply fantastic - watching them turn off and then come quite close again playfully swimming against the strong current whilst we hang on a coral block and try not to be swept off. After this overload of impressions we drift with the current into the channel following the thilas and later surface in the blue-water.

Due to the depth, strong current, fast descent and surfacing in the blue-water this dive is only for experienced divers - Embudu Express isn't just one of our highlights here it is also one of the best dives in the world! Only dived under special current conditions and not recommended for inexperienced divers.

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