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While scuba diving Potato Reef you will see fish, colorful corals, caves, canyons and wicked slopes.

Name Dive Site:Potato Reef
Depth: 5-28m (16-91ft)
Inserted/Added by: diverland

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Located approximately 1 hour south of Embudu this inside-reef is quite uncommon and not typical for the Maldivian area. After anchoring the boat the divers have plenty of time to surround this "potato-round" reef. Mostly between 15m and 20m you can explore all parts of this colorful inside-reef. One side offers many soft slopes covered with anemones and soft-corals while the other part is overgrown with sponges, soft-corals and offers a variety of colors like no other reef. The play of red, orange and yellow colors form a tempting contrast to white and pink. Together with all the fish-schools, the clown-fish, banner fish and the blue jackfish a unique symphony of colors and forms is given. Small and big caves change with steep walls and overhangs and - you will hardly find it somewhere else on the Maldives - some caves offer the opportunity to dive into; you can swim into and exit at another entry. So you can dive through colorful channels and chimneys.

As an additional highlight you will find the wreck of a small cargo ship close to the reef. It is already nicely overgrown and adds some adventurous thrill and atmosphere to your dive. Potato-reef offers an easy and current-free dive - so it doesn't only perfectly fit beginners but also for enthusiasts about details and photography. Those who are addicted to beautiful colours will lose their diving-heart to this colourful place.

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