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Faafu or North Nilandhoo Atoll is a superb diving destination with a few archeological sites as well.

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The northern brother of South Nilandhoo Atoll is North Nilandhoo Atoll or Faafu. It is almost circular with a radius of 30km and encloses 23 islands of which only 5 are locally inhabited. The more populated islands are in the south and named Nilandhoo, Dharaboodhoo and Magoodhoo. Popular smaller islands include Filitheyo and Fieeali.

This atoll is different from others since it is the only atoll with some archeological findings. It is said that the mosque Aasaari Miskiy on Nilandhoo Island, commissioned by sultan Mohammed Ibn Abdullah around 1200 A.C, has been built from the stones of ancient Hindu temples. From great historical significance since it is the only clue that Hinduism once was the main religion on the Maldives. Anyway, the fish around Nilandhoo are numerous and colorful, living off some of the best hard coral formations in the world and creating some of the top diving sites in the Maldives.

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