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Turtle Reef is a very shallow dive with excellent sightings of turtles and coral reef fish.

Name Dive Site:Turtle Reef
Depth: 5-20m (16-65ft)
Inserted/Added by: diverland

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Located on the east-side of the South-Male Atoll, Turtle Reef offers a good basis for the appearance of sea-turtles. The reef shows a very dense and varied cover of corals which is used by these interesting animals as necessary hiding places to feel home and it also guarantees a great variety of food. Furthermore we can find many other colorful reef-inhabitants such as boxfish, porcupine fish, surgeonfish and schools of bannerfish. Due to the fact that turtles appear most commonly on the top of the reef we dive this site quite shallow. The low air consumption guarantees a nice and long dive. Easy and relaxing this dive can be joined and enjoyed by everyone!

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