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Soft corals, sea fans in all colors decorate the entrances of the caves and caverns at Vaadhoo Caves.

Name Dive Site:Vaadhoo Caves
Depth: 15-35m (49-114ft)
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Cave diving at its finest! Hard to compare with other cave dive sites, Wadoo Caves offers a unique and special atmosphere. At Wadoo Caves we find huge washouts and big caves appearing mystic and mysterious. The cover has bright blue and yellow colors and also the light at deeper depths offers a unique atmosphere.

Relaxing in these washouts you can enjoy yourself and watch your air bubbles on their way up. A lot of soldier fish and banner fish are swimming upside down along the ceiling. We start with the deep caves home to big stingrays once in a while and then we drift with the current - always ascending with the caves becoming shallower and shallower. Through schools of fusilier fish, beside big groupers, surgeon fish and morays we reach the top of the reef offering some smaller washouts and overhangs nicely covered with colorful soft corals. All divers interested in caves should explore this dive site!

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Name: seaexplorermale, © Author: Sea Explorers Dive School

On the north side of Vaadhoo Resort about 50 minutes from Male' you can find the Vaadhoo Caves or Wadu Caves. Here the reef drops off into the depths of Vaadhoo Channel. This dive is best with a current from east to west. A very large overhang starts at 15 meters and drops to about 30 meters. Inside the overhang are different plateaus, which are overgrown with whip coral. The ceiling is fully covered with blue and yellow soft corals. Schools of sweet lips and snappers shelter within the overhang. Turtles are common on this site. Keep the reef on the left and you will find another overhang at about eight meters. Out on the reef top with a slight current you will be surrounded by fusilier fish.

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