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The MV Maldive Victory Wreck lies southwest of Male's International airport and makes a super wreck dive.

Name Dive Site:Maldive Victory Wreck
Depth: 12-35m (39-114ft)
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The wreck of the MV Maldives Victory lies 10 minutes from Male', south west of the airport. This ship ran aground on Friday the 13th February 1981. It sank the next day and it sits up straight on the bottom parallel to the reef. There is a descent line from the mast to the surface where the dive boats moor. The mast top is at 12 meters and the hull sits on a sandy bottom at 35 meters.

When there is not much current this is an excellent introduction to wreck diving. The wreck is easy to dive and you can swim around the deck and explore one of the three cargo holds. You can still find lot of the cargo aboard; sacs of cement, paper, bottles, etc. The hull has attracted many fish and a lot of coral and sponges are growing on it. For the more daring divers the wreck is great to go into and explore the different decks, be neutrally buoyant and move slowly and you will have a thrilling experience. Visit the captain's cabin and swim up to the bridge and exit on to the fly bridge. From the top of the bridge you will find a line back to the mast you started from. Be sure you do your safety stop on the way up.

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Name: diverland

A trip out to the 60 meters long cargo wreck of the Maldivian Victory is always a dive highlight. Descending by the anchor rope and the mast we reach this mysterious ship laying between 20 and 30 meters depth offering an exciting dive due to current and depth. You can "stay" on the bridge watching down to the upper deck or go for some exploration into the freight area of the ship. A lot of soft corals have already settled on the wreck and a lot of lionfish, snappers and big batfish (the biggest you can see around) here to see. Totally different to the other reef spots it is a real change and also a highlight for our experienced divers. This dive is only recommended for experienced divers.

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