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The Old Shark Point is still one of the best places to spot sharks and other pelagic hunting on smaller prey while hovering in the currents.

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A former shark feeding spot Old Shark Point is not really a big shark place anymore - at deeper depths (25 m +) you can still meet them once in a while. However its location at a corner of the outside reef where two current-streams are coming together is the reason for the unbelievable variety of fish and the play of colors forming the beauty of this spot. The bizarre underwater landscape adds also substantially to this top dive. It seems like climbing in the mountains under water - caves, edges, washouts and canyons guide our dive.

It doesn't matter if we drift towards the corner or in the other direction - we are pleased by morays, lionfish, sweet lips, groupers and also bigger fish passing by such as eagle rays . The caves and washouts are always worth a special exploration for sleeping stingrays and hiding Napoleons. The top of the reef offers a world full of colors and marine life making the safety stop a real pleasure. A top dive offering a lot of fish as well as some special surprise.


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Name: seaexplorermale, © Author: Sea Explorers Dive School

Old Shark Point is located west of Male, only 30 minutes by boat. On the south east corner of the reef there are large broken rocks that obstruct the current and attract a lot of marine life. At the corner at about 13 meters of depth there is a small canyon/swim through with lots of soft corals, sponges and small fish. Lobsters are often seen hiding here.

This dive is best with an ocean current flowing east to west. Large pelagic fish can be seen here as well as sharks and eagle rays. Explore the broken rocks and swim-through and flow with the current along the reef to the west past big trees of black coral and sea fans. It is possible to find nurse sharks resting in the shallow overhangs.

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